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National Observatory in proffesional education domain in the Republic of Moldova.
National Observatory in proffesional education domain in the Republic of Moldova is part of the international network of monitoring centers of professional education and was established by the European Training Foundation (European Training Foundation) for countries Commonwealth of Independent States and Mongolia.

21.03.2013, 13:04
Concurs de selectare a unor experţi/unei organizaţii pentru elaborarea studiilor de politici publice
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27.02.2013, 14:47
Concurs pentru realizarea unor investigaţii jurnalistice
Institutul de Politici Publice anunţă un concurs de selectare a jurnaliştilor pentru realizarea unor investigaţii jurnalistice în cadrul Proiectului „Recomandările Curţii de Conturi: Advocacy pentru transparenţa şi eficienţa utilizării banilor publici”.   Scopul Proiectului este de a contribui la creşterea transparenţei şi eficienţei utilizării banilor publici prin sporirea nivelului de implicare a societăţii civile în implementarea recomandărilor Curţii de Conturi.   Obiectivele Proiectului sunt: -          creşterea gradului de conştientizare de către societate a necesităţii implicării active în promovarea executării recomandărilor Curţii de Conturi, ca
22.02.2013, 13:03
Atelier de lucru pentru jurnalişti privind realizarea anchetelor de presă despre banii publici şi auditul Curţii de Conturi
Centrul de Investigaţii Jurnalistice, Institutul de Politici Publice şi Curtea de Conturi organizează miercuri, 27 februarie, ora 14.00 un atelier de lucru pentru jurnaliştii interesaţi de tematica legată de corectitudinea şi transparenţa în utilizarea banilor publici. Genericul atelierului: „Investigaţii jurnalistice pe subiecte ce ţin de eficienţa utilizării banilor publici şi implementarea recomandărilor Curţii de Conturi”.  În cadrul atelierului, jurnaliştii vor fi informaţi despre cum să lucreze cu rapoartele de audit ale Curţii de Conturi, pentru a realiza investigaţii binedocumentate. Experţii din
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28.04.2016, 16:53
Sociological Research "Impact of corruption on women’s career development opportunities in the Central Administration of the Republic of Moldova"
Sociological Research, here
27.04.2016, 08:08
Analytical Report "Police and poicing in the Republic of Moldova - inner and outer perception"
The actual Report presents the analysis of surveys carried out between 1 October and 10 December 2015 and offers a new tool for qualitative analysis and decision-making process in this area. The surveys measured the level of satisfaction with services provided by police subdivisions, public expectances regarding public order, fighting crimes and crimes prevention, as well as police reform achievements and challenges.
20.10.2015, 16:28
National security and access to information in the Republic of Moldova
Report on compatibility of the legislation of the Republic of Moldova with the Global Principles on national security and right to information
22.04.2013, 07:55
Conference "Modernisation of education in Moldova - preparation of pedagogues and students for e-learning methodology enhances the access to flexible education"
24.10.2013, 16:07
Workshop on the relationship between the Court of Accounts and law enforcement bodies
The Institute for Public Policy and the Moldovan Court of Accounts held on October 17th a workshop on the relationship between the Court of Accounts and the law enforcement bodies.
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27.11.2012, 16:08
Strengthening Civil Society Organizations Capacities in security zone of the Republic of Moldova
The Institute of Public Policy requests $19,902  to implement a 7-months project aiming at participation promoting of NGO in decision and policy making and contributing to the democratisation process by strengthening capacity of CSOs representatives from security zone of the Republic of Moldova (considering NGOs from  both - the left and right banks of the Nistru river) in the following localities: Cocieri, Molovata, Corjova, Horlecani, Cosnita, Dubasari Town, Rogi, Lunga, New Pogrebea.  NGOs from the security zone should exert their
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28.07.2017, 10:26
International experiences in implementing community based policing - publication
This publication provides a synthesis of practices in implementing the concept of community policing in Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Belgium and Ukraine, as well as a general description of how this concept is being approached within the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The paper is based on participants’ presentations during the “Community Based Policing – European best practices” international conference held in Chisinau on 15 March 2017 within the project “Promoting Community-focused Law Enforcement in Moldova” and provides a framework for reflection, examples of good practices, as well as useful recommendations for the development and implementation of the community activity in the Republic of Moldova.
06.03.2017, 12:08
Post-Legislative Scrutiny. Practices, experiences and recommendations
This report has been drafted as part of the project “Post-legislative Scrutiny: enhancing ex-post parliamentary scrutiny of legislation in the Republic of Moldova” which aimed to strengthen parliamentary oversight, one of the core functions of parliament. In particular, the project aimed at strengthening skills and knowledge of Moldovan MPs and staffers in relation to ex-post legislative scrutiny. The report analyses current strengths and weaknesses in the implementation of parliamentary oversight and provides recommendations for an enhanced tailor-made post-legislative scrutiny procedure for Moldova. The report will support the leadership and members of the Moldovan Parliament as well as the leadership and staffers of the Parliament Secretariat in defining priorities, drafting action plans and adjusting the legal framework regulating parliamentary oversight. The project was implemented by the Institute for Public Policy (IPP), Republic of Moldova, the Centre for European Security Studies (CESS), the Netherlands, and the Centre for Democratic and Participatory Governance (CDPG), Belgium, in cooperation with the Moldovan Parliament.
26.01.2016, 09:20
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices in Academic Credit Mobility (Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine), Educational Policy Survey
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices in Academic Credit Mobility(Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine), here
14.08.2013, 11:26
Conference “ e-Learning in the European education agenda. The case of Slovakia and Moldova“
Issues related to boosting flexibility of training, introducing European trends aimed at expanding computer-assisted training and increasing efficiency in using digital tools in quality education were the core of the speeches given at the international conference „e-Learning in the European education agenda. The case of Slovakia and Moldova“ which was held on 25 April 2013 in Chisinau. The conference was the top event of the project “Modernisation of education in Moldova“ financed from the the funds of the SlovakAid - official development aid programme of the Slovak Republic“.
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Barometer of Public Opinion
04.05.2016, 13:50
Barometer of Public Opinion - April, 2016 (RO)
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