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Transnistrian conflict  
23.11.2009, 00:00
Summary Vision of Transnistria problem, October 15 2009
The present document analyzes the developments of the processes around the Transnistria problem which took place within the period July 30, 2009 to October 15, 2009.It should be mentioned from the start that during this period of time the developments around the Transnistrian conflict have been driv
19.05.2009, 08:44
Synthesized review of the Transnistrian issue, 14 April 2009
In this document events that took place during 27 November 2008 – 14 April 2009 are analyzed. From the beginning it has to be mention that the events that took place during this period of time run counter to cornerstone principles of the “Package Deal” on the grounds of which, from the fall of 2006,
22.12.2008, 00:00
"The breakthrough crisis" of a quick solution Transnistria
With regard to NATO and EU expansion, effective and legitimate civilian crisis management and civil protection are becoming important items on the public policy agendas of individual nations as well as international organizations. Civilian crises can all too easily escalate into political crises or
Iulian Chifu, Oazu Nantoi, Oleksandr Sushko
18.12.2008, 08:44
Synthesized vision on the Transnistrian problem
A certain intriguing situation occurred about the fact that after the meeting between Dmitrii Medvedev and Igor Smirnov on September 3, 2008, the Tiraspol administration, "taking into account the request of the President of Russia", lifted the moratorium on talks with officials from Chisin
23.09.2008, 00:00
Synthesized vision over the Transnistrian issue
Against the backdrop of the events in Georgia, followed by a set of premeditated political and diplomatic actions on the part of the Russian Federation, appeared several questions regarding the evolution of the Transnistrian issue, including the relations between Russia and the Republic of Moldova.
02.04.2008, 00:00
Frozen and Forgotten Conflicts in the Post-Soviet States: Genesis, Political Economy and Prospects for Solution
The perspectives for “defrosting” these conflicts and finding an equitable solution in the framework of the internationally recognized legitimate states could be consistently improved through the EU’s adoption of a new European Neighborhood Policy (ENP plus), by passage of the UN resolution on froz
Ceslav Ciobanu, PhD
19.07.2007, 00:00
Political Economy of "Frozen Conflicts" in ex-soviet States: Challenger and prospects for the U.S. and Russia
The confrontation between West and Russia on the settlement of conflicts in Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Transnistria is not at all predetermined. Many observers believe it is too much to expect that the Russians would actively cooperate in forcing out the Tiraspol kleptocrats, the
Dr. Ceslav Ciobanu
01.03.2006, 00:00
Trilateral plan for solving the transnistrian issue
Before the eventual demise of the USSR Moscow made many attempts to prevent such an outcome. Among them, separatist conflicts between the majority populations of the then Soviet republics, which were becoming progressively oriented on state independence, and minority groups compactly living in certa
View : ro   en   IPP // 234.5 Kb
01.12.2005, 00:00
Establishing joint border checkpoints on the transnistrian sector of the moldova-ukraine border
The main objective of the research project “Joint Border Checkpoints on the Transnistria sector of the Moldova-Ukraine border” was to study practices of organizing such control forms in different countries, to draw conclusions and develop proposals for national authorities on this issue.
View : ro   en   IPP // 188.765 Kb
21.11.2005, 08:45
The Case of the Republic of Moldova: What Could the European Union and the United States of America Do?
As a result of the consultations held on 26th-27th of September in Odessa, the format of the negotiation for the Transnistrian conflict settlement expanded, the EU and the USA were accepted as observers.
View : ro   en   Oazu Nantoi // 67.5 Kb
19.10.2005, 08:45
Controlul asupra armamentului. Măsurile de întărire a încrederii şi securităţii (rus)
Planul de demilitarizare a Moldovei propus de OSCE.
View : ro   en   // 636.237 Kb
10.10.2005, 08:45
Principiile de bază, direcţiile şi etapele reglementării transnistrene (rus)
Урегулирование приднестровской проблемы будет &#
View : ro   en   // 68 Kb
17.05.2005, 00:00
Transnistrian Conflict – Status Quo and Prospects
Transnistria is an enclave between the territory under the control of Chişinău and Ukraine. Tiraspol separatist regime (the “transnistrian moldavian republic” - “tmr”) can survive from the economic point of view only if the Transnistrian segment of the Moldavian-Ukrainian state border (452 km) is op
View : ro   en   Oazu Nantoi // 348.5 Kb
20.07.2004, 00:00
NATO/EU Enlargement: Moldova and the "Frozen and Forgotten" Conflicts in Post-Soviet States
The purpose of this Report is to analyze the current situation of the so-called “frozen and forgotten” conflicts in post-Soviet states in the light of the latest evolutions. The importance and value of the Report derive from its goals and consist in the identification of a) the challenges of NATO an
View : ro   en   Ceslav Ciobanu // 139.5 Kb
27.09.2003, 00:00
Federalizare sau regionalizare? Experienta europeana, perspectivele Republicii Moldova
View : ro   Ion Osoianu
26.09.2003, 00:00
Noile oportunitati de solutionare al problemei transnistrene prin mecanismele Europei moderne
La 11 ani de la incheierea ostilitatilor dintre guvernul Republicii Moldova si autoritatile separatiste din stanga Nistrului, perspectivele unei solutii politice care ar respecta integritatea teritoriala si independenta Moldovei raman neclare. Chisinaul si Tiraspolul sunt angajate intr-un proces de
View : ro   en   Nicu Popescu
26.03.2003, 00:00
Gestionarea conflictelor: analiza comparata si perspective pentru Republica Moldova
Apariţia şi evoluţia conceptului de autodeterminare are loc în perioada imperiilor multinaţionale, adică în secolul XIX. Autori liberali considerau libertatea de autoguvernare a comunităţilor naţionale ca premisă necesară pentru libertăţile individuale, deoarece, în opinia lor, există o legătură int
View : ro   en   Vitalie Catana
20.12.2002, 00:00
Papers presented at the conference "The Outlook for the Transnistrian Conflict Settlement by the Federalization of the Republic of Moldova"
Anatoly Gudym, George Balan. Idea of federalization and prerequisites for approximation of economic systems of the Republic of Moldova and Transnistria(.doc, 32KB) Igor Munteanu. Nationalismul transnistrean: actorul invisibil al secesiunii RMN Vitalie Catana. Statul federativ: principii si reglement
26.09.2002, 00:00
Separatismul si impactul lui asupra procesului de edificare a statalitatii in Republica Moldova
View : ro   en   Ira Rurac // 441.5 Kb
26.09.2002, 00:00
Armonizare a relatiilor inter-etnice - sfidari si oportunitati
Recentele evenimentele politice din Republica Moldova au readus în prim plan problemele referitoare la relaţiile inter-etnice, utilizarea limbilor, identitatea naţională a populaţiei autohtone etc. Acest lucru iese în evidenţă mai ales din scrisoarea adresată de către şeful statului, la 17 ianuarie
View : ro   en   Igor Botan
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