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Transnistrian conflict  
01.12.2005, 00:00
Establishing joint border checkpoints on the transnistrian sector of the moldova-ukraine border
The main objective of the research project “Joint Border Checkpoints on the Transnistria sector of the Moldova-Ukraine border” was to study practices of organizing such control forms in different countries, to draw conclusions and develop proposals for national authorities on this issue.
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21.11.2005, 08:45
The Case of the Republic of Moldova: What Could the European Union and the United States of America Do?
As a result of the consultations held on 26th-27th of September in Odessa, the format of the negotiation for the Transnistrian conflict settlement expanded, the EU and the USA were accepted as observers.
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19.10.2005, 08:45
Controlul asupra armamentului. Măsurile de întărire a încrederii şi securităţii (rus)
Planul de demilitarizare a Moldovei propus de OSCE.
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10.10.2005, 08:45
Principiile de bază, direcţiile şi etapele reglementării transnistrene (rus)
Урегулирование приднестровской проблемы будет &#
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17.05.2005, 00:00
Transnistrian Conflict – Status Quo and Prospects
Transnistria is an enclave between the territory under the control of Chişinău and Ukraine. Tiraspol separatist regime (the “transnistrian moldavian republic” - “tmr”) can survive from the economic point of view only if the Transnistrian segment of the Moldavian-Ukrainian state border (452 km) is op
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