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28.07.2017, 10:26
International experiences in implementing community based policing - publication
This publication provides a synthesis of practices in implementing the concept ofcommunity policing in Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Belgium and Ukraine, as well asa general description of how this concept is being approached within the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The paper is based on participants’ presentations during the “Community Based Policing – Europeanbest practices” international conference held in Chisinau on 15 March 2017 within the project “Promoting Community-focused Law Enforcement in Moldova” and provides a framework for reflection, examples of good practices, as well as useful recommendations for the development and implementation of the community activity in the Republic of Moldova.
06.03.2017, 12:08
Post-Legislative Scrutiny. Practices, experiences and recommendations
This report has been drafted as part of the project “Post-legislative Scrutiny:enhancing ex-post parliamentary scrutiny of legislation in the Republic ofMoldova” which aimed to strengthen parliamentary oversight, one of the corefunctions of parliament. In particular, the project aimed at strengthening skillsand knowledge of Moldovan MPs and staffers in relation to ex-post legislativescrutiny.The report analyses current strengths and weaknesses in the implementationof parliamentary oversight and provides recommendations for an enhancedtailor-made post-legislative scrutiny procedure for Moldova.The report will support the leadership and members of the Moldovan Parliamentas well as the leadership and staffers of the Parliament Secretariat in definingpriorities, drafting action plans and adjusting the legal framework regulatingparliamentary oversight.The project was implemented by the Institute for Public Policy (IPP), Republic ofMoldova, the Centre for European Security Studies (CESS), the Netherlands, andthe Centre for Democratic and Participatory Governance (CDPG), Belgium, incooperation with the Moldovan Parliament.
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