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Black Sea Peacebuilding Network
The objectives of the network are: to continue to foster local ownership and regional collaboration between NGOs in the Black Sea area; to create linkage to civil society from specific conflict-settings; to forge common approaches of key regional actors and the EU to strengthen the role of civil society and unlock their peacemaking potential; to strengthen peacebuilding capacities at local policy and grass roots level; to improve efficient communication and advocacy at the EU policy level by providing opportunities for networking.
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06.03.2002, 00:00 - 8-.-0.2005
Project “NOSTRUM-Programme: Needs and Options for Security - sector Transparency and Reform in Ukraine and Moldova”
The NOSTRUM programme was designed to connect Moldova (and Ukraine) to the security community by promoting reform of security-sector governance through training and education. Irrespective of aspirations to accede to the EU or NATO, Moldova and Ukraine are facing enormous challenges to do away with
23.08.2003, 00:00 - 8-.-0.2004
Project “Good Governance and Human Development – National Human Development Report”
This report shows the development processes of the country, which became an important mechanism of continuous progresses monitoring and the analyze of impediments in the way of human development. In the report was examined the principal economical, political and social trends, citizens aspirations,
21.03.2013, 13:04
Concurs de selectare a unor experţi/unei organizaţii pentru elaborarea studiilor de politici publice
27.02.2013, 14:47
Concurs pentru realizarea unor investigaţii jurnalistice
22.02.2013, 13:03
Atelier de lucru pentru jurnalişti privind realizarea anchetelor de presă despre banii publici şi auditul Curţii de Conturi
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