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Black Sea Peacebuilding Network
The objectives of the network are: to continue to foster local ownership and regional collaboration between NGOs in the Black Sea area; to create linkage to civil society from specific conflict-settings; to forge common approaches of key regional actors and the EU to strengthen the role of civil society and unlock their peacemaking potential; to strengthen peacebuilding capacities at local policy and grass roots level; to improve efficient communication and advocacy at the EU policy level by providing opportunities for networking.
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21.06.2011, 14:33
Project "Civil society and private sector as contributors to MDGs implementation"
The project “Civil society and private sector as contributors to MDGs implementation”: the MDG’s are the world targets for dramatically reducing extreme poverty in its many dimensions by 2015 – income poverty, hunger disease, exclusion, lack of infrastructure,  and shelter – while promoting gender equality, education, health ,  and environmental sustainability. Without basic infrastructure and human capita, countries are condemned to export a narrow range of low-margin primary commodities based on natural endowments, rather than a diversified set of exports
21.03.2013, 13:04
Concurs de selectare a unor experţi/unei organizaţii pentru elaborarea studiilor de politici publice
27.02.2013, 14:47
Concurs pentru realizarea unor investigaţii jurnalistice
22.02.2013, 13:03
Atelier de lucru pentru jurnalişti privind realizarea anchetelor de presă despre banii publici şi auditul Curţii de Conturi
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