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Barometer of Public Opinion - November, 2007
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The polls focused on the following issues: political options, rating of main political parties and personalities, living standards and life quality, economic and social Government policy, other major issues.

Taking into consideration the impact and the importance of such surveys, the Institute for Public Policy commissioned in November 2007 a new public opinion poll which was conducted by the Institute for Marketing and Polls IMAS-INC Chişinău. The correctness of the poll implementation in the field has been verified by CBS-AXA Sociological Company.

The “Programme Barometer of Public Opinion-2007” is supervised by a Board chaired by Dr. Arcadie Barbăroşie, Director Executive of the Institute for Public Policy. The Board’s members are: PhD. Ludmila Malcoci; Igor Boţan, Director of ADEPT; Adelina Lungu, Public Relations Manager, Institute for Technological Design, Human Resources Department, lecturer at ULIM; Mircea Eşanu, Director of the Centre for Transparency and Human Rights. The Programme’s consultant is Dr. Viorel Cibotaru, Director of the European Institute for Political Studies of Moldova.

The poll was conducted within the period October, 29 – November, 05, 2007 on a sample of 1 415 people of 86 localities, representative for the adult population of the Republic of Moldova (excluding the Transnistrian area). The maximal sampling error is ± 2,6%.

Press-release - November, 2007

BOP - final November, 2007

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Home / Barometer of Public Opinion / Barometer of Public Opinion - November, 2007
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