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Th e research papers, which were developed within the project entitled „Ethnobarometer. Interethnic Relations in Moldova”, were funded by Soros Foundation - Moldova. Th e Institute for Public Policy is a nongovernmental, independent, non-profi t organization. Th e goal of the Institute is to contribute to the development of an open, participatory, pluralist society in Moldova. Being based on democratic values, the goal is to accomplish, support and sponsor independent researches and analyses of public policies, as well as public debates and large publicity of the outcomes of these researches. Th e activity of the Institute is focused on education policies, European integration, national security and defense, qualitative and quantitative researches, confl ict resolution issues.

Th e Institute collaborates with similar institutions and organizations dealing with public policies from several European countries in order to benefi t an exchange of information and experts, development of comparative studies and promotion of regional policies.

Authors: Doru Petruţi, Ala Roşca, Tamara Cărăuş, Vitalie Catană, Mihail Guzun, Vasile Cantarji, Natalia Cojocaru, Loretta Handrabura
Editors in chief: dr. Arcadie Barbăroşie, dr. Viorel Cibotaru
Consultant: Mircea Kivu (România)
Translation into English: Stefan Rusu, Simona Cibotaru, Elena Cartoleanu
Editing: Simona Cibotaru (Pork Universeting, USA)

Th e authors’ exclusive opinions, that were covered in these studies do not necessarely refl ect the
position of the sponsor institution.

The present collection of research papers, focusing on the analysis of the current ethnic situation in Moldova was a natural follow up of the researches developed between 2000 and 2006 by the Institute of Public Policy in the field of
transformations and reforms in Moldovan society.

Most of the countries can be presently characterized through cultural diversity. According to the recent estimations, in the 180 independent countries of the world there are 600 spoken languages and 5000 ethnic groups. Only in a small number of countries, citizens speak the same language or belong to the same ethnonationalgroup. The diversity generates a set of important and controversial issues.
The minorities and majorities more and more often disagree on the rights related to language, regional autonomy, political representation, education curricula, terri torial claims, immigration and naturalization policy, even national symbols,
national anthem, music, dances and political holidays. From the human development perspective, finding answers to this issue, that are justifiable from the moral and viable, and from the political standpoint, is the greatest challenge of
the current democratic governments, including Moldova, which passes through an interminable period of transition.
After the national liberation movement, adaptation of various European criteria, laws and standards, radical transformations in the political, economic and spiritual life, as well as modification and intensification of migration processes,
the ethnopolitical, ethnocultural and ethnogeographical picture of Moldova experienced essential changes. Several of these changes were outlined and analyzed in a series of studies and researches. The recent multi-disciplinary studies, the
studies in the field of public policies developed within the programs of the Institute for Public Policy, as well as the results of the „Public Opinion Barometer“ illustrate new evolutions of the national identity issue and attitudes regarding
the general values of modern society. The experience of organizing and administrating surveys in 2000-2006, within the „Public Opinion Barometer“ program, shows interesting and conclusive data about the real picture of the current ethnic
composition and the attitudes of respondents. These results suggested the need for a thorough interdisciplinary study of the ethnopolitical and demographical situation in our country, as well as a set of surveys focused on ethnic issues and
Thus, we would like to thank our project partners, the Institute of Marketing and Surveys IMAS Inc. from Chisinau and Mircea Kivu, international consultant, the authors of research papers, as well as the representatives of mass media who reflected the events within this project and who informed constantly the public opinion about the experts’ conclusions and recommendations.

Clich here to download full ethnobarometer paper

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