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Project "Civil society and private sector as contributors to MDGs implementation"
21.06.2011, 14:33 IPP

The project “Civil society and private sector as contributors to Millennium Development Goals’ implementation” is financed by the European Commission to the tune of 145 000 Euro. The project will be implemented by Center for Economic Development (Bulgaria) in partnership with the Institute for Public Policy and Independent Analytical Centre Expert Grup (Moldova).


The project aims to increase the capacities of civil society organizations and private sector representatives, defined as development actors by 2008 Accra Agenda for action and 2011 Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation, to contribute more effectively to and promote the completion of MDG’s by the end of 2015.


There is a significant aspect that we would like to share about the project goals, and that is:
We will put our efforts, we believe
successfully, to be of use to the Republic of Moldova, in assisting it to progress towards the Millennium Development Goals. The project essence is to bring together various groups in society: the NGO and private sectors, and state institutions, each one with its particular role the process.

The responsibilities for adopting and
implementation of programs that will accelerate the country’s development are in formal terms within the responsibility of state institutions. Including the various groups of Moldovan society through the NGOs and the private sector in these efforts will not only bring national priorities to the next level, but will also create the preconditions for the successful implementation of democratic principles of governance in the Republic of Moldova.


Expected project results are:


  • Improved level of input by CSOs and private sector representatives to the implementation of MDGs in areas such as education, health, economic and trade development, social policy, transport, communication, customs and youth.
  • Raised awareness amongst local stakeholders (government, CSOs, private sector and individual citizens) on the importance of achieving the targets of MDGs by the end of 2015.
  • Advanced capacities of sectoral CSOs and private sector representatives and their networks to contribute to MDGs implementation reflected in the key national strategic documents.

We are planning to carry out:

·         Eight consolidated policy researches in 8 key development sectoral policies on the type of involvement and contributions the CSOs and private sector representatives have towards MDGs implementation. 

·         32 meetings on a bi-annual basis, 8 national clusters of CSOs composed of at least 5 issue-based CSOs/private sector representatives each so as to consolidate national efforts towards MDGs implementation.

·         Eight national awareness campaigns (8 video and audio spots, 8 bill boards, 8000 information brochures, 5000 stickers) in key development sectors so as to bring key MDG targets closer to decision makers, businesses and citizens.

·         2,5 - day national conference on the occasion of the MDGs targets implementation for the period 2011-2015.

·         Upload of 36 Web updates, 48 Facebook and Twitter updates and the organization of 3 (initial, midterm and final) pressconferences. 

·         Eight 3-day trainings of at least 100 issue-based CSOs and 100 private sector representatives on general and specific monitoring techniques in the area of development.

·         Develop a manual in 2000 circulation on successful monitoring techniques applied in the area of development.

The Project will be implemented in the following areas:

Cities located in Chisinau municipality, Northern, Central, Southern Moldova and Transnistria.

Total duration of the action is 24 months, from 13.06.2011 till 13.06.2013.


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Home / IPP Projects / All projects / Project "Civil society and private sector as contributors to MDGs implementation"
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