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Crisis Management Initiative

Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) is an independent, non-profit organization that innovatively promotes and works for sustainable security. CMI works to strengthen the capacity of the international community in comprehensive crisis management and conflict resolution. CMI's work builds on wide stakeholder networks. It combines analysis, action and advocacy. Crisis Management Initiative promotes sustainable security in a pioneering way, brings together actors to seek solutions to security challenges, engages in capacity building among the international community in conflict prevention, resolution and transformation, advocates solutions for security, uses comprehensive approaches that bind together security and development, good governance, justice and reconciliation.




Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies

The Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS) is an independent, not-for-profit think tank dedicated to improving public-policy decision-making in Georgia through research and analysis, training of policymakers and policy analysts and public education about strategic issues—domestic and international—facing Georgia and the South Caucasus. Founded in 1998, the GFSIS aims to promote democracy and foster political and economic reforms, enhance regional co-operation, create a secure investment environment and provide the local private sector and international business communities with opportunities to participate in the region’s economy whilst raising the profile of Georgia’s reforms and promoting dialogue between the government and research communities. The research and training activities of the GFSIS have a regional agenda under the direction a senior and support staff of specialists in the field—many of whom are former high-ranking government officials and academics—and within partnerships with research and educational institutions in the South Caucasus and beyond.




The International Center for Human Development

The International Center for Human Development (ICHD or the Center) was established in March, 2000 and since then has been considered one of the leading think tanks in the South Caucasus. For already seven years ICHD adheres to its main principles and objectives, namely to unite the most prominent representatives of the public, scientific, cultural, and business sectors of the region, to strengthen the democratic mechanisms and to foster free market values, while simultaneously crafting regional collaboration and economic development strategies for the countries of the Caucasus. The Center has been actively involved in designing and implementing a wide range of projects and initiatives. It has published a substantial number of analytical viewpoints, policy briefs, articles, research papers, catalogues, leaflets and brochures, has trained more than 1000 professionals on a variety of themes both locally and regionally, has initiated public awareness and participation campaigns, held more than a thousand working meetings and organized numerous international conferences, expert round tables and business forums. All these activities have contributed to building up a reputation of a professional and reliable think tank both in and outside the country.




Helsinki Citizens Assembly - Azerbaijan National Committee

Since 1992 HCA ANC has had a long history in fighting human rights violations. During and after the Karabach war HCA ANC has propagated peace as the only way to solve the conflict. As a human rights organisation it has a long history of fighting human rights violations in personal cases and it also worked extensively on cross border activities with Armenia during the Karabakh war. The HCA ANC works in very close relations with its partners in Armenia on peace building processes within the frame of people to people diplomacy. These activities include visits to Armenia and to Nagorno-Karabakh, summer schools in Armenia, jointly published books, jointly realized projects on missing persons, trust building meetings in Tbilisi and in other countries, study trips (Åland Islands, Finland).


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