International Conference "Stability Pact: Practical Steps Against Corruption and Organised Crime in South Eastern Europe. Presentation of SPAI and SPOC Initiatives in the Republic of Moldova".
16.07.2001, 00:00

The Institute for Public Policy in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affaires has been organized on the 16-17 July 2001 an International Conference: "Stability Pact: real steps for fighting with the corruption and organized crime in South-Eastern Europe. The Presentation of SPAI and SPOC initiatives in Moldova".

The purpose of the Conference was to lunch a campaign in order to present two initiatives proposed in the frame of Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe: The initiative of fighting with the corruption (SPAI), and the initiative of fighting with organized crime (SPOC). The corruption, a phenomenon that exists in different measures in every society, got very big dimensions for states in transitions. The luck of transparency in affaires, the difficult and contradictory settlements, the extreme poverty of population and the small salaries of public clerks permit to the last to use their position for obtaining personal profit. The international experts drawed the conclusion that the phenomenon of corruption has especially big proportions when the reference state imports power agents, especially oil products, and the trade, both internal and external, has as an important product alcoholic drinks and tobacconist's goods.

As you can see, this situation is very well suitable for Republic of Moldova, and for some other sates from South-Eastern Europe. This appreciation is confirmed by "Transparency International" organization, which reaches in 2000 a corruption degree of 2.6 and placed on the 13 place in the world, "lagging behind" a few countries in majority African. For exemplification we can say that the less corrupted states are considerate Finland (with a degree of 10), Denmark (9.8), Sweden (9.4). Some more corrupted states such as Russia (2.4), Ukraine (1.5), Yugoslavia (1.3), Niger (1.2) and so one forward sleep Moldova.

The high level of corruption is annoying the population because of the abuse of public clerks, a phenomenon that is present in Republic of Moldova too. So tests effectuated with the strain of Institute for Public Policy, shows that 45 % of citizens think that the most corrupted persons in Moldova are among the superior state clerks. Also 42% from questioned persons said that corruption penetrated in all spheres of activities.

For fighting with corruption phenomenon there are some more international legislative instruments, among the more recent are the respective initiatives of Stability Pact. For Republic of Moldova, which was admitted on the 28 June 2001 in Stability Pact as a member with absolute rights, the implementation of SPAI and SPOC foresights represents not only an internal society interest, but also an external condition. Respecting this condition we show that our will of integration in Europe isn't a pure declaration, but also a state policy. Fighting with the corruption and organized crime in Republic of Moldova will contribute to improvement of social climate and strengthening of security and regional stability.

The champagne of promotion SPAI and SPOC's ideas will include, except the Conference, a series of seminars where will be considered the priority measures mentioned in SPAI:
- sensibilization of civil society;
- Improvement of legislative frame;
- Promotion of good government;
- Promotion of transparency in affaires;
- Implementation of some efficient activities by using international organisms' instruments.

As a first step, IPP placed texts of SPAI and SPOC in both Romanian and English languages on the Institute's web page SPAI and SPOC's texts were published in Romanian language as a booklet (150 exemplars) and were sended to all ministries of the country, to the prosecution, to the parliament, to the Government and to the NGO of domain.

The Conference was inaugurated by Republic of Moldova's President Mr. Vladimir VORONIN, which was present and spooked as President of Coordinator Council for corruption and organized crime problems. He addressed to the Conference' s participants a messages from Mr. Bodo Hombach, Special Coordinator of Stability Pact, Mr. Mihai Razvan-Ungureanu, Bodo Homdach's Special messenger.

Further, the international experts from European Commission, OECD, Council of Europe have been presented the two initiatives and spooked about their essence, and about efforts of organizations represented by them concerning fighting with the corruption and organized crime in South-Eastern Europe. On their turn, the high rank representatives of Republic of Moldova - ministers of interior and of justice, general prosecutor, representatives of judicial power - spooked about their view on problems of fighting with the two disasters, and ways of settling these problems. On the second day, representatives of civil society considered the corruption problems and organized crime.

The Conference finished with adoption a declaration, which follows to be sending to all states participants to the Stability Pact in South-Eastern Europe. To the Conference were present ambassadors of USA, Germany, Turkey, representatives of other embassies and missions of international organizations - World Bank, International Monetary Found, UNDP, OSCE, etc.

The Conference's works were reflected in mass media. At the end of the Conference was formulated a proposal to publish all the conference's works into a separate volume.







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