Barometer of Public Opinion - April 2006
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Taking into account the importance and the impact of such surveys, the Institute commissioned a new public opinion poll, conducted in March-April 2006 by the Centre for Analysis and Sociological, Political and Psychological Research (CIVIS), Chişinău.

The Programme Barometer of Public Opinion 2006 is supervised by a Board chaired by Dr. Arcadie Barbăroşie, Director Executive of the Institute for Public Policy. The Board’s members are: PhD. Ludmila Malcoci, PhD. Ala Roşca, PhD. Victor Moraru, PhD. Constantin Marin. The Programme Director is Dr. Viorel Cibotaru. The correctness of the poll implementation in the field was verified by the Institute for Marketing and Polls IMAS-Inc, Chişinău.

The poll was conducted within the period 25th of March –8th of April 2006, on a sample of 1 506 people from 99 localities, representative for the adult population of the Republic of Moldova (excluding the Transnistrian area). The maximal sampling error limit is ± 2,6%.

Press-release - April 2006

Final report BOP - April 2006 (19Mb zip archive)

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