Workshop on the relationship between the Court of Accounts and central public administration
24.10.2013, 16:00

The Institute for Public Policy and the Moldovan Court of Accounts organized on October 17th a workshop on the relationship between the Court of Accounts and the central public administration.


The purpose of the workshop was to analyze the main problems that hinder the implementation of the Court’s of Accounts recommendations and to identify solutions for enhancing the role of external audit in the process of managing public funds and public property.

The event was attended by representatives of the Court, all ministries and the State Chancellery, who spoke about the problems they face in fulfilling the Court’s decisions. They also had an exchange of views on how best to enhance the collaboration between institutions to achieve the requirements and recommendations of the Court on both quantity and quality.

The workshop was organized under the Project “The Court of Accounts’ Recommendations: Advocacy for Transparent and Efficient Use of Public Money” implemented by the Institute for Public Policy in collaboration with the Court of Accounts of Moldova.

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